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Amanda Bowman

In 2003, Amanda launched her career in the service industry and exceeded client expectations at various businesses while strategically building her professional network. Two years later, she gained a deep understanding of the manufacturing culture at Hemlock Semiconductor where she became the Director of IT Assistant while earning a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems (BIS) degree. In 2012, Amanda joined a fast-growing IT MSP operated by a certified rocket scientist with various industry clients ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500s. She enhanced employee morale, vendor relations, and community outreach throughout her development of the marketing department. Her demonstrated resilience and strive for excellence were essential to her achievements and awards over the years. Amanda naturally shifted into a trusted advisor role where she developed a strong track record of client success. For the past 20 years, she has formed effortless and genuine relationships with a diverse group of executives, internally and externally. As the Director of Business Development, at John Joseph Partners, she continues to help professionals and businesses grow.

Aaron Opalewski

Aaron is a driven entrepreneur, focused on our purpose of creating opportunities for others. He joined the recruiting industry in 2007. His experience has impacted the performance and profitability of hundreds of companies and thousands of people. His mission has been and continues to be to create opportunities across the entire country. He is focused on continuous improvement, personal development, and living by the golden rule, “Treat people the way you want to be treated”.

Jennifer Neuenfeldt

Jennifer is a strategic recruiting professional who delivers value beyond filling positions. She has over 9 years of extensive experience offering excellent client service. During her time as a Patient Care Advocate, she found her true passion of helping others and building strong relationships. Jennifer’s dedication to finding ways to deliver value has had a great impact on her ability to understand the needs of her clients and candidates. Her advanced communication and collaboration abilities have contributed to becoming a successful Executive Talent Advisor at John Joseph Partners.

Fletcher Kundtz

Fletcher is a versatile, strategic Sales/Staffing Leader bringing over a decade of experience. He is passionate about coaching our team members across the nation in a variety of industries by providing guidance, training, and support. He plays an active role in client development by fostering key relationships and high-level service delivery. He is motivated by building an innovative and solutions/results driven team that exceeds client expectations. He prides himself in working closely with clients, acting as an extension of their organizations, to help them achieve their goals and has a proven history of over-achievement in driving revenue growth and client retention.


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